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Darrel Mohan


Our Founders- Mr. Darrel Mohan is a Reverend, Entrepreneur and both he and his wife are owners of Dream Homes Realty and The School of Practical Real Estate Training and Education Services, among other ventures they engage in with their family. 
He has an educational background in Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics. He’s trained entrepreneurs all over the World for over 10 years. He has been practicing real estate locally for many years with one of the largest real estate agencies in the country. 

Renu Mohan


Mrs. Renu Mohan has a Degree in Business Management and Accounting. She practiced accounting for many years and has 15 years experience in operating her own businesses. She’s a mother of twin boys and loves to help people. She has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of entrepreneurship, accounting and finance. 
They both are all about touching hearts, liberating minds and igniting the spirits of everyone to achieve their dreams and goals.

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