Ready to start your career in real estate? Or become certified as an agent in trinidad and tobago?

practical training, Relevant & Cutting Edge Information

Our Instructors Are Actually successful Agency Owners in the business on a day to day basis so you are receiving Up-to-date Information.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Tutors

Actual "in the trenches' tutors who bring their wealth of current knowledge to the classroom.

Online Delivery

You are trained in the comfort of your home or office, forget about the hassles to and from.

Payment Plans

We facilitate students by offering a few payment plans so you can make that career change.

Training Uncluttered

Like other areas of training, Real Estate is no different. We put less emphasis on what is not relevant.

Proven Track Record

We have several graduates that have moved on to start their own business and others who are now employed.

Convenient Class Times

We understand that you still need to make a living before you transition into Real Estate so our classes are at night time.

How It Began?

As my agency grew, I had a need for more trained agents and I found that even though they had a certificate, there were still gaps in their training. So I started my own school. My belief was that agents should be exposed to real life scenarios and taught how to solve them. That caused the birth of the School of Practical Real Estate Training and Education Services (PRETES) where our teaching style is "balanced". Agents and Students don't just get theory but also the practical aspects of the industry, which is a game-changer for success!

Mr. Darrel Mohan

Chancellor & Main Educator

Students Trained
Years In Operation
Topics Covered On Local Real Estate Market
Families To Impact By 2025

Over The Years

we had some accomplishments and set some milestones over the years that we were in business but what gives us the greatest joy is to see so many of our students moved and start businesses of there own and succeed as well.

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Past Students


The wealth of knowledge gained from this School of Real Estate was beyond my expectations. I learnt so much to prepare me for the field of Real Estate. Not only was I given the right information and skills, but it also helped me to diversify my income in this industry. I am pleased to be employed with the Dream Homes Realty Agency and assist others in buying, selling or renting their property.

Aneela Ramdass

Past Student

The School of Practical Real Estate Training & Education Trinidad and Tobago has been an answer to my prayer. I always wanted to learn the Real Estate market in Trinidad and Tobago, but there was no one offering the information I needed to succeed in this industry and at an affordable price. Thanks to the School of Practical Real Estate Training & Education Trinidad and Tobago, for giving me the knowledge and confidence I needed to be successful in this industry.

Claudia Baptiste

Past Student

The School of Practical Real Estate Training & Education provided me with the opportunity to acquire in depth knowledge about Real Estate and the Real Estate Industry in Trinidad and Tobago. The lecturers were highly proficient in their ability to impart their knowledge which equipped me with a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, the terminologies and processes related to real estate. This coupled with continuous training afforded by the school allows Students the opportunity to be up to date with the changes that may occur within the industry, as well as necessary skills to traverse the market. I would definitely recommend this training as I believe it is an opportunity for any individual be it for personal or career development, to attain invaluable knowledge that can be put to use to their benefit when the time is right.

Marvin Rullow

Past Student

The School of Practical Real Estate Training and Education Trinidad and Tobago has changed me in many ways that I could have only imagined before in such a short time. I have always been interested in Real Estate but have been at most times confused about how the industry works. Now I am given the opportunity to be mentored and guided. Darrel and Renu Mohan are 21st century game changers. They have used their experience to create a unique formula to train people to become Real Estate Professionals. Whatever you think you might lack, the school has all round training to improve yourself. Take that opportunity to be part of our phenomenal team. Give yourself a chance to recognize your potential and clearly see the road to success.

Sean James

Past Student

Because you deserve the best.

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